Naples Gardens

A month ago, I was in Naples, Florida visiting family. One of the highlights of the visit was going to the Naples Botanical Garden…

Going to the garden in the midst of the deep freeze we’ve been having here in New England is life-affirming and uplifting in many ways. I deeply enjoyed reveling in the different textures, the heat, and the diverse plantings in the themed areas.  I especially love the native grasslands – and could watch the swaying lines of grass endlessly.  I appreciate how conscious they have been about integrating native plantings and ecosystems through out their spaces. It’s a lovely way to experience the wilds of Florida for those that might not be able to access them otherwise.


IMG_8320  IMG_8318 IMG_8307 IMG_8303 IMG_8302 IMG_8301 IMG_8300 IMG_8297 IMG_8295

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