Flotsam Weirs 2 Cultural Council Grant

Thanks to the Williamsburg Cultural council for awarding Nikki Gardner and me a grant to continue with the Weirs project! The first weirs project was a great success. Thank you to everyone for your generous support!

The project is a multi-media exploration of the Mill River and Williamsburg’s rich ecological communities.  It will consist of a  film to illustrate and capture the changing cycles of the Mill River’s ecology for those who are unable to experience the site directly, due to physical constraints or otherwise. We envision creating a weir on-site at the library, outdoors and projecting the film of the mill street site, as an off-site experience of place.Nikki would also create and show three to four large (approximately 30 x 30-inch) color photographic prints in the Gallery space at Meekins library to coincide with the on-site weir and film. The color photographs would function as evidence and response to the shifting ecology of the Flotsam Weirs space. Smaller weirs and collected landscape ephemera will be shown in the gallery along with the photographs, to complete the experience.

We are planning for the event to be at the end of August. I will post more details as they come together.







Massachusetts Cultural Council




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