Plant Icons

Happy New year!

I have new work up at Provisions in Northampton, MA for the month of January 2016…. And there is an opening from 5-8 pm for Arts Night out Northampton (1.8.2016)…I hope to see you there…

I am calling the show – Plant Icons, and it  is an exploration of Plant materials that I have been collecting, drawing and painting  over these past few years…


I have always been inspired by the constant eternal energy of nature as well as the ethereal spirit of medieval

iconography. Plant Icons explores the intersections of these two loves of mine and illustrates my reverence for

the worlds and patterns around me. Bringing the medieval techniques and the plant world together brought

me a new understanding of both as I could clearly see how they create their own sense and order of space and

time. I learned as well that a sudden immersion into different contexts can create striking results of beauty and


The photography is by Erin Long of – a talented and inspiring photographer!


Detail Milkweed Icon Detail Sensitive Fern Icon Erin_Long_Photo20684848200001 Erin_Long_Photo21184853200019 Erin_Long_Photo21354854900024 Erin_Long_Photo20914850500013 Erin_Long_Photo21744858800045 Erin_Long_Photo21504856400029

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