Meekins Library Installation

The Flotsam Weirs 2 installation explores overlaid ecological communities and site/non-site dynamics. It integrates film projection from the original weirs installation next to the Mill River that was inspired by social geography and ecology with materials from the landscape found in Williamsburg woven into a weir (a kind of fence). As environmental sculpture the feeling of the piece changes with the seasons and climate. With each change, the piece evolves to reflect the ecology and the temporality fostered by the site and the community.

The weirs are 45 feet in length and 30-40 feet of varied widths. They are composed of locally sourced branches from brush piles. The forms of the weirs were inspired by the shapes of the branches of witch hazel, ash and musclewood to highlight the diverse characteristics of Northeastern forests. The project was funded in part by the Williamsburg Cultural Council.