Reflections on the Weirs Project

This project came out of my love for these wild places, the materials, and the desire to familiarize myself with this forgotten space

I wanted to raise awareness in our community about the beauty and magic of this place and the incredible forces that shaped and shape it in a continual evolution and to make the case for opening ourselves to experience the way that the “in-between or undefined” imbues our lives with the richness of mystery and discovery.

The Flotsam Weirs also became a project where I explore the power and the creative spark that can come from the force of events beyond our control. I knitted together the refuse and detritus from rivers in our community to create a choreographed experience of beauty and art to help us find forgotten, dynamic, powerful, playful and devastated parts of who we are. I hope that you visit these weirs at the site, and that by taking the time to be there, you might find something forgotten and beautiful for yourselves.

I am especially grateful to my family, the support of the Williamsburg Cultural Council, friends and to the talented Nikki Gardner  –  the photos in this blog are hers and are amazing. For more photos from the local paper please visit the Gazette – Thank you Taka!



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